November 24, 2020


Well poised for the future, Aventri’s platform lets you manage hybrid, virtual and in person events from the same dashboard.  Users can stream their event live or on-demand from anywhere in the world. They can build an attractive and mobile-responsive registrations from any device. There’s also a survey tool integrated into the platform that has the ability to design, distribute surveys and analyze responses and results. Lastly, their real-time event reporting dashboards gives you insight that will enable you to understand which sessions, booths, exhibitors, and more are attracting and engaging your attendees the most. The reporting system can be quite complex and hard to understand without training, which they charge an additional price for on top of the annual contract they offer. The company is based in Norwalk, Connecticut. 

Best Feature: Real, virtual all hybrid events supported. 

Primary Category: Conference

Secondary Category: Trade Show


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